Financial Viability Assessment

Financial Viability Assessments: Ensuring Successful Development Projects

As the UK property market continues to evolve, understanding the economic feasibility of a proposed development is critical. This is where Financial Viability Assessments (FVAs) come into play. But what are FVAs? How do they ensure the success of your project, contribute to infrastructure and foster wider planning benefits such as affordable housing? Let’s delve into the world of FVAs and their impact on the UK property development landscape with Oxford-based surveying company, ET Surveyors and Valuers.

What are Financial Viability Assessments?

FVAs are detailed analyses of a development project’s economic feasibility. They look at project costs, anticipated revenue, and the potential profit or loss. By assessing a development’s viability, FVAs help ascertain the capacity of a site to contribute to infrastructure costs and wider planning benefits.

Why are Financial Viability Assessments Important?

FVAs are essential in the early stages of project planning for the following reasons:

  1. Risk Mitigation: They minimise the risk of financial loss.
  2. Contribution to Infrastructure: FVAs evaluate a development’s ability to contribute to site-specific infrastructure costs such as highway works, public utilities, and community facilities.
  3. Facilitating Affordable Housing: They ensure that the project is economically viable while also providing a proportion of affordable housing.
  4. Heritage Asset Enabling: FVAs ascertain whether a development can facilitate the conservation and enhancement of heritage assets.

How ET Surveyors and Valuers Can Help

With years of expertise in providing development valuation services, ET Surveyors and Valuers is committed to offering thorough FVAs to developers and housing associations across the UK. We understand the complex dynamics of property development, tailoring our approach to meet the unique needs of each project.

Expert Analysis

Our team of experienced surveyors provides a comprehensive analysis of your proposed development, covering all aspects of FVA. This includes a thorough cost assessment, market appraisal, and cash flow projection.

Affordable Housing Assessment

We are committed to supporting the provision of affordable housing in the UK. We understand the nuances involved in balancing profitability and the provision of affordable homes, and our FVAs reflect this commitment.

Bespoke Reports

Every development is unique, and we provide customised reports that give developers a clear understanding of the financial viability of their projects.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with our clients, ensuring you’re kept informed throughout the process.

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If you’re planning a development project and want to ensure its success, get in touch with us at ET Surveyors and Valuers. Our FVAs will provide the insights you need to move forward with confidence. Whether it’s the development of affordable housing, a heritage asset, or site-specific infrastructure, we’re here to help.

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